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Quality Colombian Products for the World
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In CAFECAÑA we are dedicated to SELECT the BEST national producers, to bring the BEST flavors of COLOMBIA to the WORLD.

Our Products

The Colombian coffee have special features that make your scent and flavor are unique and desired.
With different characteristics to the traditional sugar that make it a wonderful option for multiple functions as a natural sweetener.
Colombian chocolate industry, cocoa-based cultivated in our country, has developed high-quality chocolates and variety.
If you're a coffee producer and think that have the best product for export, don't hesitate to contact with us.
After a process of more than 10 years, United States Vice President, Mike Pence, signed the agreement that allows Colombia to export Hass avocado to the North American country...
Colombian coffee has always been a reference in the world and often has been called as the best one. Thanks to geographic conditions, regional traditions and scientific research...